Barcelona Vibe Guide

Barcelona is a culturally and visually overloaded ant colony. I moved here more or less a year ago, since then I had enough time on my hands to explore its hidden corners. Funny thing is despite the aformentioned, it has never occurred to me what a great topic my home can be. I’ve been trying to organise my travel schedule and finances for weeks so I can come up with a new idea to post… Suddenly, I realised, I have been sitting on a gold mine…  So here it a goes, a brief introduction of Barcelona, capital of Catalunya, through the eyes of a sarcastic foreigner.

Let me share a few of my observations (please note some statements might be either exaggerated or fictitious.):

– If Barcelona were a country its currency would be cafe con leche, for sure.
– Majority of residents are hipsters and youngsters whose current goal in life is to make the most hilarious fashion statements.
– The only meal you certainly need per day is brunch.
– The 365 Cafes are spreading like a virus and I am convinced they are planning on taking over the government.
– Having a Zara on every corner is essential for staying alive.
– Say goodbye to your personal space while you are out.

I reckon Barcelona is like a hyperactive baby brother whose genius is shining through his craziness. You must be patient with it and receptive to its vibe. It has so much to offer, maybe too many sights are cooped up per square meter… which could explain my, astonishingly frequent, road rage episodes.

*Friend to tourist at home*
– So how was Barcelona?
– Oh, it was lovely! It is a must see!
– Is that so? What did you guys do?
– We stood in the middle of sidewalk so nobody could move!
*turns to wife*
– Susan! Pack your bags, we’re going to Barcelona!

I concluded, I am a psychological miracle…containing all that rage requires true mental strength, people!

But worry not! Barcelona gives a lot in return. The mind-blowing architecture slaps you in the face like Mark Strong in RocknRolla and surely, there is not enough time in a lifetime to absorb all the marvellous details you are presented with. Each district has its unique character and offers new people to annoy with your slow-paced walking. 🙂


For more pictures: @hankemara.koko

Location:  Barcelona, Spain
Photos: Hankemara


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